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BOOST FP Battery – the world’s longest lasting rechargeable AA/AAA battery in high-tech devices

The BOOST FP Battery by Volt Technology provides a higher power output for longer than any other AA and AAA battery available globally and you can recharge the BOOST FP Battery up to 1,000 times.

The big problem with all other AA and AAA batteries is they begin to lose voltage and output power as soon as you start using them –  which results in a less than optimal user experience.

You can see this problem when your flashlight starts to dim or your remote control toy begins to slow down.

This forces you to recharge your regular rechargeable battery frequently, even though you have only half used it, or replace your single use battery frequently with another new battery.

Now there is a solution –  the BOOST FP Battery provides full power output for longer than any other AA and AAA battery currently available.

The FACTS about BOOST FP Batteries:

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BOOST FP Batteries the perfect battery

The BOOST FP Battery maintains its higher power output and performance while regular batteries start to lose voltage and output power as soon as you begin using them.

Frequently asked questions about the BOOST FP Battery:

A: Using proprietary patent pending technology we have produced a 1.5v AA and AAA battery with the best performance possible. The BOOST FP battery will provide a higher output power for longer than any other disposable or rechargeable AA or AAA battery.
A: The AA version of the BOOST FP is rated at 2700mWh.
By comparison a 2200mAh AA NiMH battery is rated at 2640mWh (1.2v x 2200mAh) so the BOOST FP AA battery contains similar power to a 2200mAh NiMH AA battery.
The useable capacity however will depend on the minimum voltage required by your electronic device. It will also vary depending on the discharge rate. If your electronics requires at least 1.1v to operate, the BOOST FP is equivalent to around a 2500mAh NiMH battery. If your electronics requires at least 1.15v to operate, the BOOST FP is equivalent to around a 2700mAH to 2800mAH NiMH battery.
A: The BOOST FP can be recharged up to 1000 times. This means if you recharge the battery every week, it will still have good capacity after about 20 years. It will then last many many more years, just with a lower power capacity.
A: No it’s not. Many flashlights, both incandescent and LED, are designed assuming a voltage drop and therefore can not handle a fixed 1.5v battery. A fixed 1.5v output will burn out many flashlights in only a few minutes. The BOOST FP has been specifically designed to drop the output voltage slightly as current increases to protect your devices and electronics however the BOOST FP will not keep dropping the voltage as it discharges.