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Saves you money and are better for the environment

Do you spend a great deal of money on disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries that just don’t seem to work very well?

The BOOST FP by Volt Technology is rechargeable up to 1,000 times and at only 1c per use, can you afford not to use them?

For just one device that goes through a set of four AA’s every 14 days, using disposable alkaline batteries means over 100 batteries per year.

Every year there are nearly 10 billion AA and AAA batteries purchased. Of these, approximately 1 billion are rechargeable NiMH and the other 9 billion are single use disposable. That equates to over 100,000 tonnes of battery waste.

See how the Boost FP Battery performs against regular batteries in everyday devices…


Help save our planet AND hundred’s of dollars at the same time with the Boost FP Battery…